Dr. Sandrea has more than 40 technical publications and has recently authored three Research Reports on Oil & Gas Supply through 2030, globally and for the U.S, which are published by PennEnergy's Oil & Gas Journal Research Center. He has co-authored the book, "Dynamics of Petroleum Reservoirs under Gas Injection", which was published by Gulf Publishing, 1974, and has been extensively used in petroleum engineering courses around the world. His most recent (since 2003) publications in the Oil & Gas Journal and the Middle East Economic Survey-MEES address global oil and gas reserves, OPEC's challenges, and an Upstream Opportunity Index he developed to assess E & P international investments:

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Several of these articles have been featured in CNN Money and PetroleumWorld.com, and on Blogs in The Financial Times (London) & the following on www.PennEnergy.com/index/rafael-sandrea.html.

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