IPC Petroleum Consultants, Inc.
In conjunction with its associates in Oklahoma, Texas, London and Venezuela, is dedicated to provide its clients high quality engineering and management services in the following areas:

Evaluation of Oil and Gas reserves
IPC conducts comprehensive pre-audits of major oil and gas fields as a precursor to more in-depth reserves audits. Since 2003 Dr. Sandrea has had 16 articles published in O&GJ and MEES addressing the evaluation of methodologies for estimating oil and gas reserves, providing estimates of global oil and gas reserves, onshore and offshore, and has developed special algorithms for estimating the production capacity of newly discovered fields – conventional and unconventional. Several of his articles have been featured on CNN Money, SeekingAlpha.com, and PetroleumWorld.com.
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Mapping Classification Systems
Harmonization of reserves classification Systems – SPE/WPC/AAPG, UNFC and in-house systems.

E&P Investment Risk Assessment
Dr. Sandrea has developed the Opportunity Index for comparing the relative attractiveness of investments in upstream projects as well as the attractiveness of a company’s E&P portfolio in different countries. The model integrates industry standard risk indexes and offset indicators, such as, potential oil and gas reserves, F&D costs, and company financial performance into a single composite index.
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IPC has traditionally offered workshops on technical topics.  Its workshop on: “All you want to know about oil and gas reserves evaluation” has been well recognized around the world. Dr. Sandrea has now developed a specialized Masterclass/Online web presentation on the techniques for appraising oil and gas reserves and their production potential which you can watch when you choose and on your own time. Two days worth of instruction is condensed into four, one-hour segments to save you time and money.   

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